ECLIPSE MAGAINE-September 2015

ECLIPSE-sept. 2015

                                                                                        ECLIPSE on issuu

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we showcase on our cover the extraordinarily talented and modest, Jessica Lyon of Firestorm! From there, we explore the magical world of “Mischief Managed,” an RP devoted to the Harry Potter universe. Just in time for the 24, we meet Lexie Jansma, the woman behind some of the most successful events in Second Life through Siren Productions. We also offer an editorial piece covering charities, as well as our monthly feature where we take it to the streets of the grid and ask our residents why they continue to log on! From a fashion perspective, the ladies take on St. Laurent’s Elegant Libertine and then men give us their version of Greg Lauren and the New Male Archetype. Our spotlight shines on the creative talents of Mea Carnell from Meva, and as usual- our models at “Ways to Wear” face off to see who wore it best!

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